About Us

Individual Volunteer Mission Statement

My duty as a volunteer to this department is not for me but what I can give to this community, for its betterment. The joys of giving to others and the rewards we receive from that gift. The support: at a medical assist, at an auto accident, at a fire and to those just in need. To our loved ones who understand what we must do, their support in doing so and the precious time it takes from them. For in giving of ourselves we receive much more than is given. The preservation of life and property has and will continue to be our purpose.

Our Story

The Mount Vernon Fire Department is a 24/7/365 department. The Mount Vernon Fire Department/ Linn Co. Fire Dist. #1 responds to a variety of emergencies in the City of Mount Vernon, Cornell College, and Linn Co. rural district #1. We also provide mutual aid to neighboring departments as needed.



Our Team

Nathan Goodlove-Fire Chief

Chief Goodlove has been with the MVFD since 1999 and is currently serving as a Captain for the Cedar Rapids Fire Department


Derek Boren-Assistant Chief

Assistant Chief Boren has been with the department since 2006




I fully realize and accept the responsibility that membership requires and will faithfully perform the duties assigned to me.

I will respond promptly to the sound of the alarm or other emergency.

I will give strict obedience to the orders of the officers in charge.

I will do my share of work that is required in loading hose, cleaning equipment and in all the less spectacular tasks that are a part of firefighting.

I will report to the fire station immediately after a call in order to help put the equipment in shape for the next run.

I will do my work at fires and drills in quick, orderly and quiet manner.

I will report for drills, unless excused by a superior officer, will practice earnestly and do all in my power to make our department an efficient firefighting organization.

I will be loyal to my officers, to my fire company, and will conduct myself at all times in a manner that is in keeping with the responsibility if a fire person.

I will remember that I am in the eyes of the public on and off duty, and will conduct myself so, as to bring credit to the department.

If at any time I feel that I cannot comply with the rules and regulations of this department, I will voluntarily resign.


Mount Vernon Volunteer Firefighters Association Friends Fund accepts online donations